понедељак, 07. октобар 2013.

Jerde-designed Mandarin in Sochi marks first open-air lifestyle village of its kind in Russia

Designed by international architecture and urban design firm, The Jerde Partnership, on behalf of Expo LLC, Mandarin is the first and only outdoor lifestyle entertainment center in Russia. Set within the country’s largest resort city, between the Mzymta River and Black Sea, Mandarin is a new town center of beachfront entertainment attractions for the nearly 100,000 Adler district residents, nearly 450,000 Sochi residents, and approximately 2.5 million annual visitors. In addition to providing an important celebration and gathering space during the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics, Mandarin serves as a vibrant, open-air entertainment village, a first to market concept for the local community, that will promote year-round activity and enhance the region as an international resort destination.
Jerde’s design fulfills the developer’s objective to ‘bring the world to Sochi’ with a mixture of top restaurants, fashion retail, casual eateries, entertainment venues and gathering places....

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