понедељак, 07. октобар 2013.

"The Life Aquatech" by thinkTANK fuses aesthetics and performance with hydronics

After 16 months of computational and fabrication research into building system technology, a team of students known as thinkTANK created "The Life Aquatech" for their thesis project at the AA Design Research Laboratory (AADRL). Prioritizing human comfort in terms of temperature, the structure has a self-regulating hydronic system that behaves more like a biological mechanism instead of the standard HVAC system. Additionally, the water-based system easily fuses with the building's contoured aesthetics and doesn't compromise performance. Here's the project description and images that thinkTANK sent to us: "The Life Aquatech investigates the relationship between the building systems that mediate between interior and exterior and architectural design by shifting from air-based systems to a water-based system. Human comfort is one of the main drivers of the investigation, seeking an ideal relationship between the user’s comfort in relation to temperature and how the building can sel...

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